Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Best FREE Chiptune Synths

Best FREE Chiptune Synths

These are the best free chiptune synths. If you're looking for some free synths that make those low bit style sounds, the 5 in this post are going to get you the results you're after.

The free synths in this list make sounds similar to what the NES, Atari, Game Boy, and even the Commodore 64 make. From percussion to sound effects, keep reading until the end for a bonus.


PULS Synth (one of the best free chiptune synths)

First up, we've got a Monophonic pulse wave synth with a really simple design. The synth only has buttons (32 to be exact), but hey, this plugin can definitely make some noise.

Get it here: PULS synth free download


NES VST (one of the best free chiptune synths)

A clean, easy to use interface. This next one is a Nintendo Entertainment System sound emulator. This one really hits the mark when it comes to recreating the original sounds of the console.

Get it here: NES VST synth free download


ymVST (one of the best free chiptune synths)

Based on Atari ST sound chip, ymVST even has a pixel themed interface. You'll get a lot of those old-school sounds from this plugin.

Get it here: ymVST synth free download

pooBoy 2

pooBoy 2 VST (one of the best free chiptune synths)

This one from Pontonius is an emulation of the sounds from the original Game Boy. Sure, it's got a silly name but, love it or hate it, this thing does its job. It has that retro look while still keeping it user-friendly.

Get it here: pooBoy 2 synth free download

38911 Bytes

38911 Bytes VST (one of the best free chiptune synths)

Based on Commodore 64, this classic looking synth made by Odo Synths sticks to a traditional interface. You might be intimidated by its looks, but really, after figuring out what everything does, you should be good to go.

Get it here: 38911 Bytes synth free download

(Press the pink "ZIP" button on the top right of the plugin bar)

Now, these are definitely not all of the free plugins for Chiptune out there, they really only scratch the surface. After combing through many lists, these are the ones I found to be most promising.

If you did want more freebies, check out the 10 best free synths I could find (and have used).

I hope you enjoyed the list and if you did, share this with a friend. Thanks for reading!

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This one is really good too! (Freeware) http://www.ymck.net/en/download/magical8bitplug/

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