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Best FREE Stereo Widening VST Plugins

Best FREE Stereo Widening VST Plugins

These are the best free stereo widening VST plugins. The VST widener plugins in this will give you a wider mix.

In this top 5, you'll find a stereo enhancer, panning plugin, tremolo, a chorus/delay, and (in my opinion) the best free stereo imaging plugin.

These are all quite unique and can solve different problems in your mix or achieve different goals you may be after.

Chart of the Best Free Stereo Widening Plugins

Here are the five best free stereo widening plugins that are found below the video.

Plugin Name Available Plugin Formats Supported OS
Ozone Imager 64-bit VST, AU, & AAX Windows & Mac 
Pancake2 32 & 64-bit VST & AU Windows & Mac
Vocal Doubler 64-bit VST, AU, & AAX Windows & Mac 
Wider 32 & 64-bit VST, AU, & AAX Windows & Mac 
Tremolo 32 & 64-bit VST & AU Windows & Mac 

Check out this video for demos of how each one affects different samples.

1. Ozone Imager by iZotope

Ozone Imager. One of the best free stereo widening effect plugins - made by iZotope.

First up is a plugin from iZotope called Ozone Imager.

This stereo imaging plugin does more than just show you the width of your track, it also lets you shape it.

With options to control the width and a Stereoize parameter, you can bring something all the way down to mono and also make it wider than it was before.

Bottom line, this is great for understanding and controlling your mix.

Download Ozone Imager for free on iZotope’s website

2. PanCake2 by Cableguys

PanCake2. One of the best free stereo widening effect plugins.

Next is a stereo panning tool called PanCake which is made by Cableguys.

Instead of using the default panning controls that come with your DAW, this effect plugin lets you modulate the pan with an LFO and even lets you create your own modulation curves. 

Basically, it makes it really easy to automate your panning.

Download PanCake2 for free on Cableguys’ website

3. Vocal Doubler by iZotope

Vocal Doubler. One of the best free stereo widening effect plugins and it's another one from iZotope.

Alright, the third plugin is another one by iZotope called Vocal Doubler.

This is a great way to Thicken a sound and to get the most out of the full stereo width.

I'm pretty sure it's a subtle delay or chorus effect mixed with a stereo enhancer.

iZotope does recommend using this on dry vocals, which is just vocals that don't have any effects applied to them already.

For this plugin at least, it can cause pops and clicks in the sound.

So, you would just need to make sure this is on the top of your effect rack - unless you have an EQ, it shouldn't matter for filter effects.

And yeah, just cause it's called vocal doubler, doesn't mean it can only be used on vocals.

Download Vocal Doubler for free on iZotope’s website

4. Wider by Polyverse & Infected Mushroom

Wider. One of the best free stereo widening effect plugins - made by Polyverse and Infected Mushroom.

For the next plugin, Polyverse and Infected Mushroom teamed up and made a really cool stereo widener that always remains in-phase with itself.

This means it can even work with mono sounds, although it isn't as effective as using it on stereo sounds.

Wider is simple to use plugin and all you need to do is either drag up or down on the percentage or side to side on the meter.

Download Wider for free on Polyverse’s website

5. Tremolo by PechenegFX

Tremolo by PechenegFX. One of the best free stereo widening effect plugins (when used correctly).

Last is a plugin that will rapidly pan your sound back and forth from the left and right channels.

Tremolo by PechenegFX is, of course, a tremolo effect and is good for adding some width to a sound.

You'll have to switch the mode over to pan and may need to turn the output volume up to around 1.25 to get it back to normal levels.

Now it is more like a ping-pong effect from a delay plugin but it can help make some things in your mix wider by stimulating each ear differently.

Just be cautious when using it, if you use it on too many elements and make it very pronounced or obvious, it can leave you a bit disoriented.

Download Tremolo for free on PechenegFX’s website

I hope these VST plugins help you make music or sound effects that take up a lot more of the stereo width. As always, thanks for reading!

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