Frequently Asked Questions


A: No, the music is intended to simulate a typical playback environment. This is signature to each pack, distributing it would diminish its authenticity.

A: Certainly! Working on a project with you would be an honor. If you're interested, please, provide some detail about the project using the contact form.

A: Go to products & Services and click on the item's cover. This will take you to the respective product page for more information, you can purchase it there as well.

A: Unfortunately, not at this time. However, this is definitely something planned for the future.

A: Each file can have multiple variations of the same sound to provide you with more versatility while also removing clutter from your libraries. Hopefully, this helps!


A: We use a service called Stripe to handle payments, which doesn't accept PayPal. If you can't pay because of this, please contact us and we'll try to sort it out.

A: When paying for a product or service on the website you can use Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. More payment options may be available in the future. Please, let us know what you want to pay with! If you would like to pay for bigger orders via invoice, please send an email.

Licensing / Legal

A: Yes, of course! The person that owns the license to the sounds is permitted to access and implement them forever. For more information, check out the EULA.

A: Due to the importance of this topic, please read and fully understand the Transverse Audio EULA before purchasing or using sounds.

A: We offer different discounts depending on the size of your team, company, or group looking to purchase a multi-user license. If your company or group has more than one user with access and use of Transverse Audio sound packs, music, or software, a Multi-user license is required. Please visit the discount page for discount rates. For more information, please send an email, thank you!

A: Yes, you can install it on all of your workstations, but you must be the only person accessing the sounds or software at any given time. If more people need to use the sounds/software, please refer to the discounts page to see what deal you can get for the number of people that need to use the product or service.

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