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PMSFX Interview - Sound Designer Phil Michalski

Jun 13, 2019

This PMSFX interview is going to break down Phil Michalski’s experience in sound design and journey in the audio industry. You’ll learn about some of the best plugins to use when designing sound effects and how to go about making SFX too. There is so much to take away from this interview with Phil

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Chase Bethea Interview - Composer for Video Games

Jun 03, 2019

In this interview with Chase Bethea, we’ll be talking about the journey you may face as a video game music (VGM) composer and some of the process behind creating! Not only that but Chase talks about what you may expect going from different stages of work such as aspiring, part-time, and full-time.

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Alex Heselton Interview - Dialogue & Sound Design

May 30, 2019

This interview with Alex Heselton will teach you a lot about dialogue, sound design, and the contrast of diversity at the workplace. With experience working on indie and AAA games from in-house, freelance, or from an out-of-house studio, she really knows her way around the audio battlefield.

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George Vlad Interview - Conservation Field Recordist

Apr 04, 2019

This George Vlad interview has a lot to teach regarding field recording and what kind of gear you could use. There is also plenty about what George is up to such as conservation, expeditions, and how he managed to get into game audio.

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SoundBridge Interview - Founder Wake Anderson

Sep 05, 2019

This SoundBridge interview with founder and CEO Wake Anderson contains some of the process behind what went into making one of the best free DAWs on the market. Learn a bit about Wake, as well as some advice and takeaways that you can implement if you're a developer or entrepreneur.

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