Updated: Sep 05, 2019

Best Sites To Find Work In Game Audio

Best Sites To Find Work In Game Audio

These are the best sites to find work in game audio. I've left out the general freelance sites such as Glassdoor and Upwork since they're not game dev specific.

But, those kinds of websites are still an okay way to find audio production jobs in other types of media.

As someone in the audio industry, it can be tough to know where to go to look for jobs. Let's get into the best websites I found for work in the game industry as an audio producer.

1. Indie DB

Indie DB. One of the best websites to find work in Game Audio

To start off the list, I'd like to mention a place to go if you have no previous work and are looking for experience but don't necessarily want to work for free. Indie DB is a good place to start your journey.

There are paid openings sometimes but typically you'll find jobs with revenue or profit share. Now I really don't recommend doing profit share, at all. This is kind of a last resort when up against making a bit of money or working for free.

Check out the job opportunities at Indie DB

2. TIG Source

TIG Source. One of the best websites to find work in Game Audio

The next one I'd like to mention is great to find work as well as a host to a pretty good forum. Here you can talk to people directly in your niche and to those around it too. This is really good to learn more about the entire process of game development.

And who knows, some people you come across may be looking for a composer or sound designer but aren't advertising it. It is important to go into these forums without the expectation of getting work.

Get to know people and make some friends in the industry. Now, this site does host a very basic portfolio for you, but there are better portfolio sites out there.

Check out the job opportunities at TIG Source

3. IndieGamer

IndieGamer. One of the best websites to find work in Game Audio

This one's also a good place to find jobs as well as having a decent forum. Now, IndieGamer does a better job at hosting portfolios than the previous option but it is better to have your own website for this kind of thing.

It's more professional and don't forget, whoever is hiring you wants the least risky option and having your own website that's designed well can help with that.

Not to mention it's a lot more efficient to have all your work in one place so you don't have to upload your portfolio to every site you're looking for work on and run around trying to keep everything up to date. But, don't get the impression that it's required.

Check out the job opportunities at IndieGamer

4. Gamedev.jobs

Gamedev Jobs. One of the best websites to find work in Game Audio

This website is strictly business and to the point when it comes to job openings. Here you can find a large curation of job listings via ZipRecruiter. Although you can't sort the list to put the most recent first, it's still a great place to find recent open positions.

Check out the job opportunities at GameDevJobs

5. Games Jobs Direct

Games Jobs Direct. One of the best websites to find work in Game Audio

A similar place to the previous option, Games Jobs Direct has a good list of openings in all fields of game dev as well. The possible advantage this site has is that it actually orders them from newest to oldest by default.

This gives you a chance to put in your application early on which may help.

Check out the job opportunities at Games Jobs Direct

Although not as good as some of the other options, you can also find work on game engine websites like Unreal. Jobs for audio specifically are harder to come by compared to other fields of work though.

There you go, now you have some places to check out when you're looking for work. Don't forget that this is only one way to do it. There are many other ways of landing a gig and some can be a lot more successful.

You'll get a lot of work from repeat clients, referrals, in-person networking, and even cold calling (or emailing) to name a few. As always, thanks for reading.

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