What EDM genres will be big in 2020/2021?

EDM genres like Trap and Future Bass have constantly been trending over the past few years, EDM is currently sitting as the third most popular genre in the world, with Hip Hop and Pop/RnB still in the top.

Are EDM genres finally going to bloom into the mainstream scene?

Or is a new genre going to pop out of nowhere and explode in popularity?

These are some of the EDM genres that are going to be really big in 2020 and 2021:

Tech House

The classic Tech House was really popular a few years back. Although it dropped down afterward, it's now making a huge comeback. With many artists like Fisher, Chris Lake, and Camelphat blowing up right now, Tech House is becoming one of the most played genres in the current festivals. 


Artists like Tale of Us, Pan-Pot, and Adam Beyer are all very popular in 2020, having more of an underground vibe, Techno is rising up in popularity once again in the current  EDM scene.


Trance is once again a favorite for crowds in EDM  festivals all over the world. Its constant build-ups and breakdowns, make it really good for raving and high energy style dancing. Europe is where Trance is still thriving the most in popularity.

Trap/Trap Hop

Trap has been on an all-time high, and that's probably not going to change in 2020, or the next year for that matter. Artists like Travis Scott, Future, and even Drake are all still making Trap Hop, making Trap the most popular EDM genre.

Future House

While it's not particularly raising in popularity from the start of 2020 until now, it still remains as one of the most popular electronic dance music genres. A few artists still continue making great Future House mix. Don Diablo, Tschami, and Oliver Heldens are just a few of them.


Although these are huge up-coming genres to look out for as a music producer in the EDM space, it doesn't mean you have to make that kind of music. Remember that genres get big because of the artists in them too, not just what's big from the listener's perspective.

So, if your favorite EDM genre isn't in this list but you still want to follow along with the mainstream, make both styles of music!

Updated: Apr 03, 2020

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