How Long Does it Take to Make an EDM Song?

Regardless of the style or level of skill, every artist works at a different pace.

Depending on the genre that is being made, how complex the idea is, the experience of the producer and a handful of other factors, the amount of time elapsed for making a song is going to vary.

Producing as a Beginner

For a person who does not have a lot of experience in music production, it is often hard to have a good feel for what exactly is needed for the song.

A novice will often times think a song is 'finished' and ready for publishing by just adding a few channels to the arrangement, only a few hours after starting the project.

Another common mistake a beginner will make is they will add too many elements into the song. It is important to know when is too much.

An important tip for beginners is not to rush things. Don't assume a project is done, and ready for airing, without giving it a few days to 'rest', and double-check. Always have patience.

Producing as an Expert

A skilled producer is usually going to have a good vision of what they want to do for the project, even before starting it.

Knowing their hardware and software makes it a lot easier for an experienced producer since they don't spend any extra time searching for the right sound they imagined for the song. And even if they do not have the right sound, someone who is experienced will be able to find the right plugins and presets for the sound, and will be able to adapt faster.

A good producer will oftentimes take a break from a project for a few days, then come back to it with 'fresh ears'. That will allow you to hear some extra details and possible errors that need clearing, that you may not have been able to hear before.

The process of making a song, all the way from developing a basic idea, doing the arrangement and coming up with a demo version, then adding some extra details, and finally mixing and mastering the track, usually takes 2-4 weeks even for advanced music producers. But many famous artists like Disclosure and Daft Punk have said many of their songs have been made in less than a day.

Updated: Apr 04, 2020

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