Is it Still Worth it to Make Trance Music?

Since its biggest blow up in the 2000s, Trance is now making a comeback and is becoming one of the most attended scenes in EDM culture events right now.

More and more music producers have been returning to the old classics, but also remaking and recreating the vintage style of Trance, using a lot more of a modern-vibe sound and improved technique.

Is Making Trance Music Profitable?

If you're looking to find the genre that spending time and resources is going to pay off quickly, then Trance is probably not the right choice.

The style of the genre itself doesn't have the most mainstream appealing 'vibe', meaning it's not going to have the biggest amount of audience or streaming opportunity.

But that doesn't mean you can't have a good career in Trance music.

Is Trance Still Popular Enough to Become Famous?

There are a lot of popular events and huge festivals that have many Trance sets like EDC Week, Sunset Music Festival, Ikarus Festival, and more.

Numerous Trance record labels are killing it right now and are constantly in need of Trance mixes including Anjunadeep, Blackhole Recordings, Armind, and more.

These record labels are constantly streaming and promoting Trance tracks, so there's never a shortage of need for well-produced Trance music.

There's still a large number of listeners and many loyal fans and admirers for the genre.

Also, there are a lot of party animals and people who regularly go to every rave event, making it possible to have a decent following in the scene. The melodic nature of trance also makes it possible for something catchy to be produced that sticks with listeners.

That being said, if you are a person who is inspired by the uplifting, melodic sounding, euphoric style of Trance, don't hesitate to give it a shot.

Regardless of the genre, there's always a possibility of a breakout if an artist is good or unique.

Updated: Apr 07, 2020

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