What DAW Uses the Least CPU?

If you're looking to get the most out of your setup, when it comes to performance, choosing the right DAW that is most compatible with your specifications is very important.

Performing various editing tasks when you're working on a DAW can be very taxing for your software, especially your Processor, since the CPU's speed and the amount of the cores it has will determine how quickly each task is completed. And the more elements a certain project has, the longer it's going to take to process.

Understanding how each of the most used DAW's work, in terms of processing requirements, and how different audio editing applications consume a different amount of processing power, can help you towards building that optimal setup for top-tier audio editing.

Here are some of the most popular DAW's, and the amount of CPU power each of them uses:

1. Reaper

For a lower-end setup, Reaper is considered one of the lightest-CPU-using DAWs. For an affordable price, you're getting a good DAW, with lots of help offered from the community.

2. Ableton Live

One of the most used DAW in general, and one of the most stable of all the software for projects of any size. Its range of capabilities and features give it a higher CPU cost, compared to the other DAW's.

3. Logic Pro

Being packed with so many built-in instrument effects, tweaks and features, the MAC specific Logic Pro is not on the low-end when it comes to CPU resource usage.

4. Cubase

Offering excellent midi implementation, and decent CPU usage, Cubase is a solid choice for large projects.

5. Pro Tools

One of the solid audio software pieces, if you're looking for a 'serious' reliable DAW with good stability. It's stability and CPU friendliness make it a great pick for long-term producing.

6. Fl Studio

Fl Studio is a great choice for a smooth, excellent CPU usage audio workstation. It has a feature that automatically turns off all plugins when they are not being used, which takes a great amount of weight off the processor.

Updated: Jul 04, 2020

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