What DAW has the Best Stock Plugins?

A music producer's s DAW is like a tennis player's racket. It will accompany you through your whole career, and the more time you spend with it, the better and more comfortable you are going to get at using it.

When committing to a DAW that you feel would fit you best, it is wise to look around and know the benefits that each DAW offers specifically.

Some of the audio workstation programs come with a wide range of neat built-in plugins, that are used by producers even at the highest levels.

The best part about it is they are free - at least they are included in the price of the host software.

If you're ready to commit to one, it's important to get the best bang for your buck.

So, here are some DAW's with great stock plugins, and their characteristics:

1. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro is probably the Digital Audio Workstation with the biggest variety of good native plugins. If you are using MAC and are looking to get the most out of your budget, for $200 USD you are getting a great value for your money, with its stock plugins like Alchemy, and more.

2. Fl Studio

Fl Studio is one of the most packed DAW's with a diversity of good stock plugins. If you are using PC (or Mac), its VST plugins are unmatched when it comes to sound processing.

The team at Image-line is actively updating plugins that come with the DAW and with free lifetime updates, it's great for the long-run.

3. Pro Tools

Avid has implemented some pretty solid stock plugins in Pro Tools. Their own reverb is a secret weapon that is commonly used by a lot of engineers and producers.

4. Cubase

If you're working with acoustic instruments or vocals, you will love the effects and sound you can achieve with Cubase's default plugins.

5. Ableton Live

Ableton Live has some great sounding default plugins. While it does not necessarily have a ton of synth/sampler plugins, it does have some pretty neat effect plugins like EQ's, filters, and more. With plugins like OperatorAnalog, and Sampler you have the majority of sounds covered for what is needed for today's songs.

Updated: Jun 01, 2021

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