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Top 5 Audio Industry Blogs

Top 5 Audio Industry Blogs

Whether it's game audio, film sound, field recording, or somewhere in between, you can be left with a lot of blogs to choose from. When it comes to the vast amount of audio professionals sharing their take via blogging, it can be hard to find out what ones are consistent, accurate and valuable.

These 5 blogs are just that, so you can expect to see a steady stream of reliable content from them in the future.

Why check out these 5 blogs? Well, the perspective coming from each blog will give you a diverse opinion on the topics they may mutually talk about. Learning about certain techniques, tips and tricks are going to be a lot easier with different sources to read from since some may cover content the others don't.

As a bonus, if you're interested in their sound libraries, you'll get a unique "behind the scenes" look at some of their products to help you understand what you're getting into.

1. A Sound Effect

A Sound Effect - One of the top 5 audio industry blogs.

A Sound Effect has an abundance of movie and game breakdowns. You'll discover what makes audio really stand out in some of the biggest AAA titles out there.

From the design of sound effects to the composition of music scores, the amount that's covered by writers such as Adriane Kuzminski and Jennifer Walden won't leave you hanging. Although he only writes content from time to time, Asbjoern Andersen (the founder of A Sound Effect) is still involved with a lot of the articles that go up.

Even if sound design or composition isn't your thing, you can find tonnes of good information about how to use sound effects, recording, and even a deeper dive into some of the sample packs and sound libraries they have to offer.

Check out A Sound Effect on Twitter: @asoundeffect

2. Creative Field Recording

Creative Field Recording - One of the top 5 audio industry blogs written by Paul Virostek.

Paul Virostek has years of experience when it comes to recording ambiances, Foley and all kinds of sound effects. With an ambitious goal of revealing the true power that sound can have on a listener's emotion, you're sure to find yourself reading through some amazing articles packed with more valuable content than you could imagine.

Paul's website; Creative Field Recording, holds more than just a blog. If you're interested in more reading, he also wrote some books about field recording and making a living as an audio expert, focusing on how to sell sound libraries effectively. It definitely doesn't stop there, so take a look for yourself!

Paul Virostek's Twitter: @paulvirostek

3. Designing Sound

Designing Sound - One of the top 5 audio industry blogs.

Sound designers rejoice.

This is a great resource for finding out what's happening in the world of audio. From interviews and the latest audio news to (you guessed it) sound design. Michael Klier, Richard Gould, and the rest of the team have plenty to share from their experience with film and game audio.

If you're looking for some tutorials about your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or reviews of gear you're thinking about getting, they cover those topics too! Either way, Designing Sound is a great place to look for information about the audio industry as a whole.

Follow Designing Sound on Twitter: @designingsound

4. Pro Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects - One of the top 5 audio industry blogs.

The team at Pro Sound Effects makes high-quality sound libraries and has a blog sharing the journey.

With clients such as EA, Activision, and Google, they have the experience to back their articles. Learn about how they make certain sound libraries, listen in to interviews with industry pros and even unveil the creative process behind major game and film audio production.
If you're a fan of Mark Mangini's work, they have plenty of articles (and videos) about his experience with Foley recording, sound design and more. For field recordists, they have many articles on tips and tricks to get the best results while recording animals, Foley, ambience, you name it.

Pro Sound Effect's Twitter: @prosoundeffects

5. The Sound Architect

The Sound Architect - One of the top 5 audio industry blogs.

News, Interviews, Game Audio, Film Sound and more. The Sound Architect hosts plenty of insightful posts.

This array of knowledge is organized by Sam Hughes, Katie Tarrant, and Alyx Jones. With many volunteers that contribute to this blog, you're sure to gain an interesting perspective from everyone involved.

Whatever field in the audio industry you're working (or interested) in, this website has a lot to read through. Voice talent and audio professionals have their place here too. If you're in England, Sam Hughes and Dexter Prior organize an event called Game Audio North (#GAN).

Here's their Twitter handle: @SoundDesignUK

There are plenty of other good audio industry blogs out there, if I forgot to include your favorite in the top 5, let me know!

Don't forget, you're on a blog (right now!) that's about film and game audio too, so check out the other articles posted.

I'll leave it to you to decide if Transverse Audio has a decent enough blog to compare to these giants. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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