What is the Best Synth Plugin for Sound Design?

Synth plugins allow you to design and create your own sound, or if you're not feeling creative, you can use one of their featured presets.

Every music producer uses synths to create music. Synth software will accompany you throughout all your music career.

But there are so many out there, and finding your synth can be a bit tricky.

So if you're looking to buy one, these are some of the best synth plugins out there.


Serum is one of the most used VST Plugins there are. It has a lot of options for creating your own unique sound, but it also comes with a lot of built-in presets. If you look around you can find a lot of presets designed for Serum, that can be used for all kinds of different genres.


Massive is a very versatile synth software. It can produce almost every sound in today's modern music. It is generally good for EDM music. It is not the most beginner-friendly synth, but if you spend some time on it, you can create some high-quality sounds.


Spire has a lot of great pads, plucks, and lead-layering, and the filters sound really good. It's very good for techno and trance.


Sylenth1 has a certain sound to it that gives it a warm vibe. And it also just feels comfortable to use and sounds good. Sylenth1 is one of the most popular synths. It has a lot of sound/preset banks designed for it, but it differs from Serum by having kind of a softer, less harsh sound.


Diva is very flexible and it will bring a lot of character into your sound repertoire. It has a lot of good bass sounds and presets, but it also has a lot of great perc, and filters. Diva is one of the least CPU taxing synth plugins.

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

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