What is the best effect plugin for sound design?

There are many high-quality effect plugins that you can use. But, what is the best effect plugin for sound design?

Well, this post will give you 5 amazing options when it comes to effects plugins you can use to give you an edge in sound design.

Dehumanizer 2 by Krotos Audio

This software deforms the human voice to sound like robots, monsters, and various other creature-like sounding effects. It serves as an all-in-one tool for creating unique sounds and morphing the human voice.

But, don’t let it stop you at vocals. Throw this onto any sound and you can make some pretty strange SFX.

Trash 2 by iZotope

If you are looking to add some rasp to your sound effects or music tracks, Trash 2 is one of the best plugins. Its flexibility and straightforward style of use make it a top tier tool featuring just about any type of distortion available out there.

Waves H-Delay

This plugin provides you an old school, vintage, and a new school, modern delay effect to your sound. H-Delay's interface enables you to form your delay to the exact parameters and style you want it to have.

Fabfilter Saturn

If you're looking to add a little extra something to your instrument tracks or make your mix sound more complete, FabFilter's Saturn plugin does this. It provides a warm, clean tone with plenty of tone and harmonics without losing dynamics.

Native/Stock Plugins (Effects That Come With Your DAW)

Don’t underestimate the power your DAW has in its stock plugin library.

There are a lot of Digital Audio Workstations that come with effects that sound amazing on their own, saving you money upfront.

So before you buy an effect plugin for sound design, try out the freebies that you already have! They are great for beginners and will go a long way.

Updated: Apr 01, 2020

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