How Often Should You Release Music?

With social media and streaming platforms being so widely spread, allowing artists to promote themselves and their creative talent, it is often difficult to identify just how often should one release their music.

Depending on what the genre of the music is, and the type and length of the project, the ideal type schedule of publishing your work can differ.

A well thought out plan would be not to be posting so seldom that your followers will forget you exist, but not so frequently that they will get tired of you.

For most types of music producers, it is widely suggested that a good publish frequency would be somewhere between 2-4 weeks, especially for newer artists. Then, as you build an audience and people who regularly wait for your newest upload, it is better to slow the rate down a bit to once every 1-2 months.

The Lifecycle of a Song

There is this thing called a 'product life cycle' that applies to a song too. Here are the phases in this cycle:

  1. The first part is ‘the introduction’, where the product is first made and introduced to the market.
  2. The second part is ‘growth’. The product gains some positive feedback and recognition.
  3. The third part is 'maturity', the product is at it's highest point.
  4. The last part is the ‘decline’. The product is slowly losing popularity and is disappearing from the market.

If you think of your songs as ‘the product’, the best time to release a new track would be at the 'maturity' point. - This keeps the momentum going for your music production alias/brand.

Can you release too many songs for your audience?

It is important to realize that preparing, promoting and distributing a track is a time and resource-consuming process.

So by that logic, it would seem like a more beneficial choice to invest ourselves into one 'better' release, than spreading our resources into three different projects which might prove as more costly than valuable in the end.

Another factor is listeners don't like to be 'barraged' by uploads from their favorite artists. You know that saying, "too much of anything isn't good for anyone".

If you are a creative person who works fast, consider keeping some of your projects in your 'music drawer'.

This will give you some space in between your projects, and make you look more professional to your audience.

With all this being said, you don't have to constantly wait for the 'right moment' or 'the right equipment'.

The important thing is to constantly keep the flow going, and constantly keep creating.

Updated: Apr 07, 2020

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